Proactive Control

We offer proactive control to protect your home.  A large number of our customers get their homes sprayed annually to protect them against unwanted insect damage.  Also ask about how we can protect you from rodents making your home their home.

Reactive Control

If you have an unwanted invader don’t worry! We are on your side, trained and equipped to fight back. If it is crawling, walking, or jumping around your house we will stop whatever it is and allow you to sleep with confidence knowing your problem will be put behind you after we are done.

Home Inspection and Consultation

Prevention is the key. We will inspect your home interior and exterior to point out potential areas that could cause pest infestation. We will suggest improvements to deter pests. If we find an issue we will provide options to rid your home of the pest.

Spider Control

Whether you are enjoying the outdoors at the cottage or at home spiders and webs can be annoying. A spider control application to the exterior of the home including soffits, around windows, foundation, decks and shrubs will rid you of unsightly webs and spider dirt. An application in the spring and fall will keep the spider population down and the cottage or house clean.

Ant Control

The key to ant control is to get as close to the nest as possible. Some ants cause destruction to structures. If you notice an ant problem give us a call. We can help.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on humans and are not particular about who their hosts are. The majority of people that have experienced a bed bug infestation are embarrassed to call. Worrying about bed bugs is just as stressful as having them. Don’t hesitate to call as soon as you notice a problem or if you think there may be one. We are here to answer questions or rid your living space from bed bugs so you can rest easy.

Bees and Wasps

Many people are allergic to bees or wasps. They can be very aggressive if you get close to their nest. We will assess the situation and deal with the nest to provide a safe environment for your family. Our bee and wasp applications are guaranteed for the season at the spot we treat.

Flea Control

Fleas feed on human and animal hosts. They live and lay eggs in dark spaces. Let us help you with getting rid of these pests and make your living space more comfortable.

Mice and Rats

These pests cause damage to cottages and homes by chewing wires, urinating and defecating inside your home, in the attics and wall voids. Their urine can damage drywall and ruin insulation. We will inspect the attic and inform you of the extent of the damage. Our team can repair entrance holes and if needed clean up the attic.


Raccoons can cause havoc in an attic. They defecate and urinate in the attic causing damage to the insulation. If left for too long the attic has a horrible odour and the insulation needs to be removed and replaced. Raccoons can carry disease. They can also chew wires which could cause fires. We can remove these animals and clean up the space they have damaged. Our team will seal the entrance holes and guarantee our repair.

Clean up and Repair

Animals that move into our living spaces can cause considerable damage. Our team will come in and clean up these areas of destruction and repair entrance holes these animals have created. We guarantee our repairs.


Our mosquito application is an inviting addition to enjoying the warm weather outside at the cottage or at your home. Special occasions such as weddings and parties or the week at the cottage to sit by the bon fire are the perfect time to call for an application.

Cluster flies

Cluster flies make their way inside in the late summer and live in the wall voids and attics. They emerge on sunny days in windows and on the inside of the home. The buzzing is annoying and collecting the dead flies unappealing. The dead flies in the voids can cause larder beetles to enter and feed on them. Give us a call to exterminate in the late fall when they begin to appear.

Pricing and Discounts

We offer seasonal spider control which is 2 applications 1 in the spring and the other late summer which vary in price due to many factors.

We offer military discounts of 10%. We offer senior discounts 65 years and over of 10%.

We offer neighbour discounts for multiple applications on the same day.


There are too many pests to list

If you have any pest problems or questions give us a call and we can help.


View our customer’s feedback.

I have numerous buildings on my property and wouldn’t skip a season without a spider spray. I have had spider spray done with a back pack but Grant’s equipment on the pick-up truck they use to apply the spray makes a huge difference! Excellent job.
Charles Rogers

I called Grant’s Pest & Animal Control and was greeted by a receptionist personally. Cindy recorded my information and Kevin called back to answer all of my questions and booked my appointment. Superb service!
Mary Girard

When entering my home shoe covers were worn and any mess cleaned up.

Cheryl Stewart

When Grant’s arrived at my apartment there was no reason for embarrassment because of their unmarked vehicle, professionalism and discretion upon entering the building.

Steve Goodchild

Very courteous and informative.
John Charron

I was concerned about the possibility of mice in the fall. Dean arrived to complete an inspection and repaired possible entrances. I didn’t have any problems all winter. Very happy with the service.

Graham Hartman