Preparation for Bedbug Treatment

Preparation for Bedbug Treatment

Grant’s Pest & Animal Control would like to use this information to educate our clients on the importance of their part in the extermination process for bed bugs. A cluttered home makes it difficult for our exterminators to complete a thorough job. The greater the...

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Pest Control Tip

Pest Control Tip

Keep the exterior of your home free from clutter including firewood especially during the winter to keep mice from taking up residence

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I have numerous buildings on my property and wouldn’t skip a season without a spider spray. I have had spider spray done with a back pack but Grant’s equipment on the pick-up truck they use to apply the spray makes a huge difference! Excellent job.
Charles Rogers

I called Grant’s Pest & Animal Control and was greeted by a receptionist personally. Cindy recorded my information and Kevin called back to answer all of my questions and booked my appointment. Superb service!
Mary Girard

When entering my home shoe covers were worn and any mess cleaned up.

Cheryl Stewart

When Grant’s arrived at my apartment there was no reason for embarrassment because of their unmarked vehicle, professionalism and discretion upon entering the building.

Steve Goodchild

Very courteous and informative.
John Charron

I was concerned about the possibility of mice in the fall. Dean arrived to complete an inspection and repaired possible entrances. I didn’t have any problems all winter. Very happy with the service.

Graham Hartman